“Getting my GED® from Lanier Tech and getting accepted into the Georgia Institute of Cosmetology has brought me closer to obtaining my goal of opening a salon in my Great Grandfather’s old General Store.
Sarah Tierney, Adult Education Student

Why do I want my GED? There are many reasons: to do what I couldn’t do before, for self confidence, for a better job, and to feel empowered.
Malcolm Boxill, Adult Education Student

“The GED helped me move on with my life, and it helped me move forward right when I needed to most.”
Adult Education Student

“My son was so proud the first time I ordered a Combo Number 1 without his help. He no longer has to translate for me! This summer we read To Kill a Mockingbird. The words and characters immersed us in the American culture. I now have my GED diploma, another tool for success in the USA. I am a classroom volunteer helping others to learn English and a citizen of the United States.”
Adult Education Student

“The GED class pushes me to do what I need to do to start my life. I think this GED class will help so many girls in here.”
Inmate at Barrow County Detention Center

“Looking at myself years back, I only spoke Spanish and sign language and didn’t know how to express myself with people so they understood me. It was not easy. The time and dedication the English teachers give us, the students, is priceless. And now I’m an employee of the City of Winder.”
Carlos Munoz, Adult Education Student

“Obtaining my [GED] diploma changed my life for the better. I am very proud of myself.”
Adult Education Student

“I am especially proud to be awarded my GED and have my children see how far I have come. I hope it leads them to learn the importance of graduation.”
Adult Education Student

“After obtaining my GED diploma and attending college, I will be able to support my family financially. I will volunteer more and serve my community.”
Adult Education Student

“Education is like a gift from God, and once earned, it can never be taken away…”
Adult Education Student

“Getting my GED means the world to me. Without this program, I wouldn’t have made it this far.”
First GED recipient at the Barrow County Detention Center GED Class

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